The Journey to become patient for my Third LiGht!!

for the implementation of my imaginations!!

Guest started teaching the host the theory of positivity and responsibility,
Where the host was happy with these new rays from an unexpected new planet,
As it showered some good thoughts in a deserted island,
Where the new seedlings grown as a result of these showerings,
Gave the journey called life, a new meaning!!

Here the journey of being patient commenced,
As I left all my thoughts on this guest,
Saved in a data file, to be opened only,
When the command prompts it to do so!!

I know the time delay for the reopening of this file can even be a decade,
But as per the firewalls installed in me, with lifetime validity,
I won’t be derailing from my journey towards this destination,
And would be patiently waiting for my train to reach this station,
Till then I would be going for a patient hibernation,
Where, I will be working hard to make “the life Saturated”!!

And it’s now when I felt, the cells of being patient,
Have started growing in my body!!

My Thou!!,
Thanx A LOT for being responsible for the changes,
Occurring in me every now and then,
Thanx for being with me as my Amma, Acha ,Vava and Chetan,
And my LIGHTs~~and their sources!!

As I always mention to u about everyone in my daily prayers,
I just want their comfort and happiness as my soul’s satisfaction!!

My LORD!!,
For my Guest,
( “In front of the GODS Court” )
I want to disclose that about this Guest that,
Ur the best teacher,
Ur the best cohorter,
Ur the best and beautiful thing I have ever felt,
Ur the best daughter, Sister and …………..May be mother??

Anyhow, Ur the best guest I have ever seen in my life!!
I will be waiting for the day; this guest becomes a host in my life!!

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