My Social Work

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I started Helping Brainz in 2012, to make a team of weekend social workers.

Myy mission is to help you, our family,  our community and last but not the least our nation. This is a common man’s strategy to make a country developed. Now, when we talk about development as a nucleus of an atom (where I consider you as a reason for nation’s development), there are n number of protons and neutrons embedded in it and surrounded by good number of electrons. As neutrons are neutral,  the nucleus posses positive charge, however if we need to reach this positive nucleus,  we need to cross a big barrier of negatively charged electrons, now I consider these negative entities (corruption,  disrespect to women , harassment , drugs, terrorism,  ego, etc..) as the roadblocks for my country’s development.

Now the question is how we can overcome these menaces ? How can we stop a person from raping Nirbhayas and burning Anuhyas, as every hour a Nirbhaya is getting ruptured ( one way or the other). As a common , I approached the Government,  Organizations, Politicians,  change makers (the so called democracy makers) , however no one helped.

So, I started my independent research on the same on my weekends, I was accompanied by my mother’s blessing and family’s support , and started educating people about brotherhood,  love , humanity , patience and thereby making my audience teach their fellows,  thus the idea started enveloping a big mass of people,  whom I started calling a Helping Brain (a name coined by Avy Johar and Yedhu Krishna Menon), thereby people started calling us (our team) – Helping Brainz.

We started a phenomenon of respecting each other’s feelings and experience,  and I realized one fact, that, education is the only way to tackle down the social roadblocks. As a blessing , I found Sir Nelson Mandela saying these lines, and I was overwhelmed to be a Helping Brain.

Now,  why can’t we together become messengers of positive well being,  peace, communal development ? Can’t you hear the screams from our sisters ? Can’t you see our elderly people wandering on streets,  though their children (again our own brothers and sisters) ill treating them ? Can’t you see the young kids begging one time food, on the same time we would be enjoying a pizza party ?

Every individual in this world got an expertise,  can’t we use these expertise to help someone ?

I have started my work, and for me social work or social development is much more than philanthropy,donations,  sympathy and empathy. Also, I believe in a fact – “if there is a will there is a way”, My strategies are small and crisp & have recently developed a blog , .

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