My Social Entrepreneurship

Paper Bag 

I started my journey when I was 10 years old, when I started selling paper bags in the vegetable markets of Delhi a money making technique taught by my class mate Vikas Mandal. Vikas , was my team mate when we won 2nd prize in Eco Club Quiz Competition, while we were in our 6th grade (Kerala School, Vikas Puri, New Delhi), we both took this decision ,to conserve the environment and to make some money (80.50Rs/week). Post that I started selling the paper bags to the temples as well as the Halwais.
I was overwhelmed, when I brought milk, sugar and rice with my first earnings. :) And the first gift I received a pat (bravo!!) from my mom ♡♥.


Post that I organizational endeavours started erupting like a volcano when I joined Balagokulam (a Hindu Society which teach Bhagawat Gita, Sloka and Activities based learnings) on my 12 th birthday, where I started as a student, then a mentor, then a young teacher, procession leader. I continued my activities till my 12th grade.

NAM Association of Malayalees

After completing 6 golden years with Balagokulam, and being instrumental for establishing today’s Balagokulam, I joined NAM Association of Malayalees as a youth President, worked for the youth’s development, Organizational development and so. I chaired for 2 years , I left my activities with them since I was supposed to go to Kurukshera, where the other part of the story started.

Kurukshetra, SKIET, SDC, JAMMU, Coca Cola

August 2007, I landed in the Battle ground of Mahabharata, to learn – ‘how to dress myself as a Engineer’, with Electronics and Communication Engineering. Though the battle ground REC , UIET and lot many State Government powered engineering colleges, however there was no out-box-thinking, just demotivated youths. I being the only English speaking homo sapien, and being from Kerala ( by birth ), I was considered to be a studious chap, though I wasn’t. I never digest the water of demotivation ,so I started Student Development Cell (A society which will aim in motivating youths, zero technical).  It was a Sunday evening when me and my friend Anshuman Kaul, where having Tekedar’s infamous tea in the tea room, when we saw Aamir Khan promoting Coca-Cola ( Market for Coke was down at that , since there were claims that “Pesticides” were found in Coke ) , Aamir Khan in his ad, invited people to Coke Factories round India to check the purity of the global-drink. This made us think about this advertisement, that why can’t we pay a visit to Coke Factory anywhere in North India.  This advertisement did trigger the brainy Anshuman , and immediately called some big shot ( really don’t who was it ), perhaps it was is his chachu ( father’s brother ) , who was a GM at Coke Gangyal Plant (Jammu). Though we requested the Management to grant us fund however they were least bothered and by hook crook we started our journey to Jammu  ( Coke and Limca factory ) and a divine trip to Vaishnu Devi, Katra. Thereby SDC became the first educational society in Haryana to make an industrial visit in the very first year. This embarked our importance among the college mates in S.K.I.E.T Kurukshetra, though we had tough competitors over there.  SDC started conducted college fests, organizational development programmes. Thus, through these adventures , my popularity got a heads-up.

Educational Consultancies – Bangalore

In 2007, I started working with few Bangalore based educational agencies , just to gather some pocket money, however everything went on a toss (loss).

WiMAX Experience and RGV Telecoms

In 2008, through T.K. Kuttapan Sir, I got an opportunity to work for RGV Telecoms, Noida in WiMAX Installations in all 7-Star Hotels in Delhi, my first official Internship.

Guwahati, ISRO, IB, Robotic-Self-Defense Car, DR TP Sasikumar and Ankush

In 2009, I paid a visit to Guwahati, in my return journey I met with a young Intelligence Beauru office – Nagore Sir, he introduced me to lot many tales of IB, which motivated me. In his journey from Bongaigaon to Old Delhi, he  did touch base with the topics like Infiltration, Border Security, Intelligence. Post, this meeting , a teamed up with Ankush Singh ( my batchmate ) , to design “Robotic Car, which works with the help of WiMAX antennas, which can be employed in the border areas” and We presented the idea to Dr. T P Sasikumar, a Sr. ISRO scientist”. Though the idea wasn’t approved , this meeting introduced me to Dr T P Sasikumar Sir and his students from Hyderabad ( including Bharat Chandra Reddy , Sai Charan ).

Pawandeep Sir , Himanshu Kaul Sahib , AIESEC Chandigarh , AIESEC CI, JCI CI, ISKON CI and COVAC Society

It was in my 3rd year ( July ), I got a call from Pawandeep Sir to discuss about AIESEC, he introduced me to Himanshu Kaul Sahib ( OX VP AIESEC Chandigarh ), through him I went to Cote D’Ivoire, worked with group ESIG Internationale in the field of Cryptography and Network Security, I first stint in the field of Information Security. I worked with Levy Kamenan ( AIESEC President, Cote D’Ivoire ) , Patrick ( Director – ESIG ), Marc Amata ( A Professional Hacker ), Dr. Saraka ( first pharmacist of Ivory Coast ). Radha Ramachandran ( HR Manager, AFCO ), Lt. Yao Charles ( World reknowned fingerprint specialist ) , Tareq Alawa ( AIESEC Jordan ) Marcia Tiro ( AIESEC, Calgary, Canada ) , Wahidi Salawu ( IX VP AIESEC CI ), Ibrahim Dumbia ( JCI CI) Ramata Bamba ( AIESEC CI/ASRAYA CI) , Lamine Sacko (ASRAYA CI) and Nadeg  in the fields of Information Security Management, Cryptography and Network Security ( 130 Seminars ), Organization Planning and Development. I worked with AIESEC, ESIG, COVAC, ISKCON over there. Seeing the conditions , respecting the Ivorians , I started a NGO for them over there , it was “ASRAYA Cote D’Ivoire”,  registered under the Govt. there with Ramata Bamba and Lamine Sacko as the President and Vice President respectively. Under ASRAYA I conducted educational counselling programmes, wherein I learnt that the educational process is not uniform, which gave me an Idea to speak at ASHOKA and Lemelson Foundation at Indian School of Business ,Hyderabad, which introduced me to world renowned Social Entrepreneurs – Tri Mumpani, Sir Douglas Racionizer and Kalyan Paul,  my biggest all time motivators.

Indian School Business , Hyderabad , ASHOKA and Lemleson Foundation

In March’10 me and Ankush went to ISB Hyderabad, to work as a volunteer as well as to speak on the topic “How can Indian Education Enlighten Africa”. A life changing event for me.

HCL, edunetz, Helping Brainz and s2J

Post that , after joining HCL Noida and post being transferred to Chennai I started edunetz  ( Freelancers in Web Designing, Recruitment Consulting, Educational Counseling, Business Development, Social Business Development ), which gave births to 2 lovely kids named “Helping Brainz” and “s2J” ).

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