Nomad in my eyes

Dedicated to ignited minds who become nomads due to present society’s thinking n thought process- which is just meant for harassing noble human beings.

April 12th, time clocked 10sharp,
After hearing the unexpected news,
I stopped my cab on the lonely expressway,
As my body scattered into crystals,
As I realized that -I became a nomad,
A wounded nomad,
Roaming in the lonely dark streets,
To find someone who can listen to me,
Understand my thoughts and enlighten my world, and,
Cover me from the black rains of negativity,
Enveloping me with its suffocating sack!

For every action there would be a reason,
For my condition, the people around me are responsible,
Whom I helped for their wellness, sacrificing mine!!
People think and popularize me as a culprit, as an ugly duckling,
For the deeds I have never done- thought-felt & sensed even.
I swear my neurons could never have passed such signals – To reach my helping brain.
Then how can I become a black hole in people’s thought process?

My mother, my almighty, taught me to become a star in the sky!
And now, when she makes me stand on the stage,
These poisonous folks throw stones on me & on her heart,
And entrap me in the black hole fetched!
Applauding “he is a culprit/hang him/he is a black hole”
But the heavenly angels & thou the almighty, always places-
His smoothened hands on me and says’ don’t worry-I’m with you”!
But I try to console my living God and her angels,
However they being in between the satanic waves, become helpless!

I Always thought, whether I could also have a good cohorter,
2 whom I can speak -shout –pat- love- mingle -talk -walk –chat- travel & share my thoughts,
People-around approached me for this vacancy,
But I always got victimized drinking their fake affections,
It was just a friendship band which they tied on my hands to get a concession in their business
After that if you want to see me, Google me in their in dustbin…

I am fed up-!
In this life, where every single bit of “life” is meant to fight according to Darwin’s theory
I also run fast to win the race, But always fail
I never doubt my capability but capability doubts me when I get victimized!

To be frank, I’m afraid to open my heart all in the alfresco, if I do
People say, I started shitting the blathers, or the extra potential balderdashes
If I speak with a girl (+10, -10) of my age, they say, I’m swashbuckling
However if it comes to a being of same sex, Then they say, I’m canvassing their brainless brains
I’m a social being, I support people like Kalam and Tharoor,
Whom people never understood, they were backbenchers,
Maybe it could be a wrong theory? Don’t know!!!!!

Seriously, to be frank, to be honest
I wish to cry, with all the people, who all are in this dilemma?
And I want those who, to listen, with plasters on the mouth
At least for one hour, otherwise I would be 101% lunatic, behind the bars of an asylum
Or I should approach NASA for an accommodation in Moon,
God- let them not eye me there!

I’m worrying always! – If you ask the reasons
I can’t count they are chained- Webbed- Strangled- Cuffed
Connected to one another- Don’t know how to start
I doubted my heart my brain – But the experienced said,
They all are Perfect outstanding extraordinary

The experienced say, I need to move forward
My gurus in entrepreneurship “Douglas Racionizer and Paul Sir”
Asked me to take risk, but when I took risks in my personal life
I was guttered!

I don’t know my friend
At Last alas, I’m a culprit
I man without heart n blood in his nerves- Only poison!
A man who doesn’t deserves mercy in his court n judiciary.

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