My mom’s garden

We can see them through our eyes,
The greeny results witnessed by skies.

Be it be a scorchy sun, Or a windy winter morning,
Or a dark cloudy Delhi evening,
Mom, huh! She can miss a meal,
However she doesn’t miss a daily deal,
Without her greeny kids, whom she loves most,
More than her soul, however less than us :)

She started the same as a hobby,
which gives her a break from her daily lobby,
Space was not an issue,
Since she planted a plant first in an old shoe,
She planted a tomato first,
Then to citrics which can remove our thirst,
Then to long however healthy beans,
At last a turnip, making it natural by all means.

No manures, no pesticides, everything natural,
If we don’t go to market, we have a bilateral :)

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