My journey with SDC


June 3rd, 2007, me and my friend Anshuman Kaul, were walking down to railway station to have the famous “Station ki Chai”.

Before starting our evening walk, we two went to our Hostel Mess, to watch the score of an India West Indies Match, meanwhile we saw an advertisement by Aamir Khan on Coca Cola, “Coca Cola is safe to drink” was the main motto of the advertisement.
And in the same advertisement, a quote was given, which was actually an invitation for schools and colleges for Plant Visit at Coke Plant!!

SKIET was a real undeveloped college at that time, even after 10 years of establishment, where lecturers only believed in scoring marks in sectionals, that’s it!!!! Nothing other than that. Participating in an extra curricular activity is a crime there.
As, a mutineer always, I thought of starting a mutiny against this thinking of the people here, so I planned to kick off my plans with an Industrial Visit to Coke Gangyal Plant in J&K. Gods Grace, we got a link that day evening itself, Anshuman’s Uncle was a HR Manager over there, in the evening we hoteliers discussed these plans among over selves and a 7 membered gang got ready for the first Industrial Visit in the college’s history.
This was a history for Haryana as well, because this visit became the first Industrial Visit by an Engineering College in the first year itself. The 7 membered team consisted of YedhuKrishna Menon, Rajiv Kumar Jha, Ankush Singh, Maneck Arora, Arun Pandita, Saurabh Mudgil, Shant Dev shukla.

While travelling from Delhi to Jammu, in the train journey we decided to start an organization of the betterment of the conditions of our college, there on July 7th ,2007 SDC was born.

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