Me :)

An Online Social Entrepreneur, Young Energetic Engineer with keen interest in:-

  • Business Analysis, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics ,Business Acquisitions and Business research and development & and Multi-Level Marketing
  • Supply chain security, Information Security Management Systems, IT Auditing, Business Continuity Management, ISO Standards
  • Electronics & Communications, Wi MAX technologies, Radio communication,
  • Cryptography and Network Security, Data communication and Security
  • Teaching , Volunteering, Social and Organizational development , Social Entrepreneurship, Online Entrepreneurships

Yedhu Krishna Menon started his consulting career at the age of 11 [1999], as a paper bag manufacturer and consultant, with only 4 dynamic client in 2 vegetable||2 Super markets , with a variable weekly income of Rs 80.50 . At the age of 13[2001] , he joined Balagokulam ( a socio – cultural organization ) as a student and at the age of 15[2003] (while studying in the 10th grade] he became a teacher@Balagokulam, and did lead a children’s procession of 400 {twice} in the occasion of Janmastami and Co-ordinated two cultural extravaganzas at the age of 15.

After working with Balagokulam and helping them to establish their roots in Delhi , Yedhu Krishna Menon joined NAM association of Delhi as a youth leader ,in 2004.

Yedhu Krishna Menon : Yedhu is the Founder & Principal Consultant of the EduNeTZ.In Consulting Group. He started his journey with SDC (Student Development Cell) which he found in the year 2007 at SKIET Kurukshetra, along with his close friends Maneck Arora, Shant Dev Shukla, Ankush Singh, Sajal Agarwal, Saurabh Mudgil, Arun Pandita, Anshuman Kaul and Rajeev Kumar Jha , wherein SDC as the name suggests ,is a body which works for the technical development of a student. SDC was the first society in Haryana , which conducted an industrial visit in the very first of year Bachelors.

After making the roots strong for SDC, Yedhu (during 3rd year of his college days) migrated to Ivory Coast (West Africa) with the help of AIESEC Chandigarh to work with Groupe ESIG International-Abidjan with a mission to educate people about Cyber Security, wherein he researched and specialized on Cryptography and Network Security. It was during these days , he along with his close friends Yao Charles , Ramata Bamba and Lamine Sacko formed a team of volunteers with the name ASRAYA Cote D’Ivoire. ASRAYA works for the social welfare of the Ivoirians and is registered there. During his stay in Ivory Coast, he also worked with COVAC Society as a business consultant. He also participated , as a volunteer in the Organizational development of AIESEC Cote D’Ivoire and ISKON Cote D’Ivoire. Yedhu along with Radha Ramachandran (Management Intern- AFCO, Abidjan) represented India in a Cultural Congress held at JCI,Abidjan.

While staying in Ivory Coast, during his weekends , Yedhu used to conduct weekend educational seminars about Indian Education. It was there where he realized that there is a need for Indian Education because of an incident which touched him. During one of seminars, he met one of the mother who sent her son to India for studying , however he (her son) was cheated by certain consultants, when such cases started piling up, Yedhu thought of having a genuine and cost efficient International Educational Consultancy under the banner of SEAPRO( Student Exchange and Admission Programmes), SEAPRO activities in Ivory Coast are controlled by Yao Charles (Business Consultant , eCG Ivory Coast). SEAPRO is a free International Student Consulting Programme. On the same, Yedhu presented a paper and spoke in Indian School of Business , Hyderabad-India, on the topic “How Indian education can empower Africa” in a Socio-Entrepreneurship Conference conducted by ASHOKA & Lemelson foundation. There is where he met his Socio-Entrepreneurship Gurus – Sir Douglas Racionizer and Dr Kalyan Paul , who changed his life with a single line , which he still considers as his success mantra, “The person who doesn’t take risk in his life, won’t be successful”.

It was after that he started EduNeTZ.In, wherein he added services like Web Designing – Developing, academic project consulting, along with his College friends(Sajal Agarwal and Ankush Singh) along with . Yedhu , during his college days worked as an unsuccessful educational consultant for 9 educational consultancies (all from Bangalore) , since he was not able to adjust with their money squeezing strategies and thereby he decided to start a genuine Indian educational consulting programme under the banner SEAPRO. As Yedhu became an entrepreneur while he was in his college , he took a decision that in EduNeTZ.In , he would mainly employ college students in his team as consultants, so that he can create a learn and earn programme for them.
Right now EduNeTZ.In is EduNeTZ.In Consulting Group , with wings spread in 5 different LoBs , present in 3 Countries and 7 Indian Metros ,with a sound & vibrant team of 20+ young & experienced –dynamic entrepreneurs, last but not the least connectivity with more than 23 global corporates.

Yedhu did his Bachelor’s in Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from S.K.I.E.T Kurukshetra in 2010 & he is experienced working in Supply Chain Management, Information Security and Risk Management , Business Intelligence and Data Analytics , Order Management & Engagement, Multi Level Marketing , Business Acquisitions, Market Research and Presales, Electronic Trade Compliance and Leadership & Learning Management .Yedhu do have hands on experience in PLCs, DBMS and Scanning Technologies.
At EduNeTZ.In Consulting Group, Yedhu manages complete end to end business operations and community service activities.

Yedhu started his entrepreneurial journey when he was in his 6th grade , where he started selling paper bags, for environmental concerns. Once he said about himself “A boy of 10,around 15 years back, started selling paper bags because of environmental concerns and for earning money ,in Delhi’s vegetable markets, the reason being that ,his mother and his biology teacher mentioned to him once that “Plastics- which are non bio-degradable are harmful to the environment”. After he became a key sourcing unit of paper bags , he taught the same manufacturing technique to many kids (rag pickers) in Delhi & he never thought that this is a practical implementation of social-entrepreneurship and even he never thought that he would be a future social-entrepreneur.”

School Education and Engineering

  • Yedhu Krishna Menon graduated from Kerala School Vikas Puri and joined S.K.I.E.T [Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra University] for pursuing Engineering. @ S.K.I.E.T, for the welfare of students , Yedhu Krishna Menon started Student Development Cell, along with Ankush Singh [Research Scholar], Rajiv Jha [SAP Labs], Shant Dev Shukla [NIIT],Maneck Arora[Research Scholar],Arun Pandita [Convergys] , Sajal Agarwal [Delta] and Saurabh Mudgil [iPhone Developer].
  • SDC holds the credit of being the first organization in Haryana to conduct a non-technical visit in the very first year of Engineering.
  • Yedhu , was connected with ISTE as a Sr.Student Executive , NSS as a Volunteer , Prayas as a Volunteer, IEEE as a start-up member and SDC – Chief Student Co-ordinator.
  • While studying Engineering , Yedhu joined SCBS Consulting(Bangalore) as a freelancing educational consultant and worked with them for 3 years before starting EduNeTZ in the year 2010 which later got converted into EduNeTZ.In in 2011.

EduNeTZ.In provides consulting services like:

  • -s2J-360deg : Job and Recruitment Consulting
  • -SEAPRO : Education | Admission Counseling and Consulting·
  • -Impact Makerz : Web-Software Designing-Developing-Marketing and Consulting·
  • -Ekstravagant I-Solutions : Consulting in Internship-Online Training-Content Writing and Tourism

Employment and EduNeTZ.In || HelpingBrainz.In

As part of Campus placement, Yedhu Krishna Menon joined HCL Technologies Bserve as a Technical Support Officer [Noida] and in the same year he joined HCL KPO as an Order Analyst [Chennai ], later Pricing Analyst [Chennai] and at last Analyst – Business Intelligence and Data Analytics[Noida]

In 2012, EduNeTZ.In started an online social responsibility council named HelpingBrainz.In , which does following online||on campus||offline activities :

  • -Online || On Campus discussions on Social Issues
  • -Research and developments on social issues
  • -Social movements (campaigns/discussions)
  • -Operational Research on human understandings on social issues
  • -Root cause analysis
  • -Finding / Highlighting / Working on solutions (problem areas), using appropriate method.

African Experience

  • While pursuing Engineering , Yedhu Krishna Menon travelled to West Africa along with AIESEC as an AIESEC Volunteer to teach | spread the message of “Information Security”. Over there Yedhu started “ASRAYA- A social organization ” along with Yedhu’s friend Ramata Bamba and Lamin Sacko.
  • Yedhu Krishna Menon and Radha Ramachandran [AFCO-AIESEC] represented India in the Congress of Cultural Exchange organized by JCI at Abidjan-Ivory Coast.
  • Yedhu Krishna Menon and Radha Ramachandran in co-ordination with AIESEC designed the complete Business Structure for COVAC Society (one of Africa’s largest COCOA society , an organization run by farmers)

Presently Yedhu Krishna Menon Leads EduNeTZ  (an online social entrepreneurship forum) and HelpingBrainz (An online social responsibility council)