Innocence & Me

Innocent & me – haha :) 😀
Though I am getting baptized,
In the school of bluntness,
It’s still there somewhere,
In my unconsciousness.
I remember a quote from Mary Astor,
“Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone”,
However, what if I like to be a child,
To cross the borders of ignorance,
And to dip in the holy water of innocence?
My innocence always makes me see the outer cover,
And it concludes that the grass is always greener,
Though it get ditched,
It always get pitched,
To see the new and attractive,
To taste the real,
With a zeal,
Skipping lot many meals,
Awarding the needy with deals,
Though I know my innocence,
In its blindness to see the world as one,
Will be binned once it’s done.

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