Geeta Teacher

Geeta Teache

Dedicated to Geeta Rajiv Teacher who taught us physics in our 10 grade !!
Its because of her only that we learnt Science,hehe ……preently she teaches at St. Gregorios School,Dwarka, New Delhi. )

In my planet,
She’s the Goddess of Light,
As she spreads the brightness,
Among all the dark.
Even it’s very tight for,
All the point of incidence.
With her showers,
U can fly like a kite,
Making your path bright,
Traveling beyond sight.
Believe it or not,
She baptized us in light,
Increased our bandwidth,
Made us more Transparent,
From being opaque,
With the exploring energy of a light year.
We bow our head,
Infront of the provost of Brightness,
The ultimate source,
Of all reflecting bodies like us,
For providing us the brightness of Education.
Dedicated with prayers
To our Geeta Rajeev Teacher who taught us the
Steps to remove the ultimate parallax
And thereby to achieve
The ultimate goal in Optics.
Her Student,
YedhuKrishna Menon,
While I was at Abidjan-Plateau,
Ivory Coast, West Africa


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