For my social media parasites who are disturbing equilibrium 

​As a common man’s point who is from the present century who respects the history be it be Shivaji  or Aurangazeb, I don’t find a point in calling someone a hero publicly or fighting on why he was or he isn’t, “today”, when India is facing criticisms because of the disturbance in the communal equilibrium. 
We live in a country where Gandhiji is not remembered for his struggles and Dhoni is called a Terrorist if he looses a match.

INDIA never invaded anyone however always gave space to anyone and everyone who came as visitors who later became investors and fortunately a part of the proud moments of Indian history. 

I am an Indian, our mothers taught us to respect everyone equally so Hinduism being a belief, rather than a religion, always respect and has respected the positivity of all religions. Who said negativity is not there in a particular religion.

As an Engineer, who fights for his bread and butter from Monday to Friday and spends his weekend in teaching and educating the rural hearts about the peace in India with the help of a team which fortunately with God’s grace comprises of mates from various walks of life, religions however “humans”, feel pity on people who lay eggs on social media sites preaching about religions and digging out the mud prooving the Indian history.

Why can’t we talk about an innovation, a development, an empowerment strategy or anything which can fortunately help in self and nation development in this beautiful social media? India needs your intelligence to help her in developing her kids.

I didn’t write to hurt anyone’s emotional outbursts, am an Indian born as Hindu, practice humanity, who also have stayed with Arabian Muslims as a part of  their family, fasted with Buddhists in Bhutan, sang  carols with my Christain brothers and visit Gurudwaras on a monthly basis with my sardar friends and pray to almighty  for human welfare.

Let’s rise in by lifting others.

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