Fathers who father their own children!


1AM, My tea cup jerked after being hit by an unconscious-electric stimulus,

Which triggered after reading the most demoniacal traits I’ve ever heard!

It’s all about an aphrodisiac father, who was testing his daughter’s virginity,

Wherein the most shocking fact is that, the girl was just 5 years old.

Gosh! I felt like, I’m hit by a nailed iron-rod on my cerebellum.

An Arabian bullfrog injected his emotions into the immature flesh of his 5 year-old kid ,

After feathering and prickling her soft-skin with cane, bamboo and iron-rods,

Breaking and piercing her vocals, ribs and flesh.

Diluting her tears with his poisonous intentions!

The girl, gave rest to her rusted heart after playing hide and seek with ‘death’ for one year,

However, I was just thinking about her innocent heart beats even in that vegetative trauma.

Even my heart stopped pumping blood for a sec, after I completed reading this heinous crime,

I looked into the image in my tea and asked: ‘Even a girl isn’t safe in her home’?

We’re living in an arena wherein a protector becomes an eliminator.

My blood exceeded its boiling point , when I read the next line,

“The culprit easily dusted himself from the court after paying the penalty to her mother”,

I don’t want to make my hands dirty even by writing the meaning of above said sentence.

I‘ve heard that even an eagle can be made to fly above money,

However, I didn’t know, whether money can do this miracle as well!

I being a candle light in a galaxy of stars, working hard to spread light among such berseked brains,

Thought of stopping my noble operations, not because im fed-up,

However, to cement new plans to educate such ‘ill-hearted prosecutors’.

By birth I hold the nationality of “Gods own country”, the most literate state in this Sanskritic country,

However, last year a father marketed his own fresh blood to 200 adulterated Satans!

Illiterate literates of our countries are known for their flabbergasting traits on the womanhood,

Wherein the victim’s list are mostly topped by the ‘Dalit’ or the women from the dark,

If it was laborer’s wife in ancient time, today it’s his own house-maid,

Few days back , The Hindu reported , a 11 year old young blood being manhandled,

by a gang of beasts who even quoted a price for this trait.

Incidents like this, have become ever ending episodes of Hindi serials,

Wherein the actors of this serial are getting energized and popularized,

By the unreactive and irresponsible lawmakers and the system.

Few weeks back I approached an arena, which recorded the maximum number of atrocities, in recent times,

And I spoke with the authorities, regarding the episodic happenings and repercussions,

However even after knocking their 48 times in 24 hours for the past 3 weeks,

With user friendly resolutions, they are not ready to soften the hardened rock.

If the same authorities are asked to arrange a march in India gate,

They would do it , as it’s a matter of publicity, however ,

Can’t listen and work on positive human friendly resolutions.

Don’t know who exactly said, there is a woman behind every success,

However I was just thinking, do these culprits ever think about women in their own den?

Recently I noticed a small poster on the walls of a MNC in Noida,

It stated that “let’s togetherly light a lamp for Nirbhaya at India gate”,

I guess, rather than shouting slogans and wasting candles at historical monuments,

Let’s be practical in putting a full stop to such periodic ill-fated happenings against our own beings.

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