Every Indian Parent wants their children to be a Sarkari Babu, I bet you won’t disagree

On the eve of Gandhiji, a Gandhian in me thought of writing the confusions or the blathers which I surfaced in the past 48 hours. Once I read  that, if we arrange the money Bill Gates have as his asset, we can easily build a staircase to Moon. Whoaw! However, as a fact of money calculation, I also heard that Mr.Gates doesn’t wastes his 86400 secs (total number of seconds in a day). Everyone around us gets 86400 opportunities, however only those’ become successful, who efficiently utilizes  or technically speaking ‘smartly’ utilizes his opportunities, being said we night owls use 64800 secs infront of technology +sleeping, let’s speak about the rest now. Simply a game of Chess!

Well, let me stop beating down the bushes. Every Indian Parent, wants their children to be a Sarkari Babu, I bet you wont disagree. I visited the only super-specialty Government hospital of West Delhi last night, which was build when the metro was launched in Delhi (near about 2004), however the guard stopped and said, “if you are here for anything other than brain, heart and kidney, please go to any other hospitals, our babus are still working on other medications”. Though the last line from the retired army-man, was full of sarcasm – ‘babus’ meant here were the sarkari babus or the government servants, ahmmm! So, where are all the pass-outs of Delhi’s Medical colleges being stationed, I am not questioning Mr.Kejriwal, as he still experimenting on Delhi’s governance however was Mrs. Sheila Dikshit aware of this ?

After lot of dribbling, when we landed in one of the oldest  Govt. Hospital of West Delhi to treat a leg injury, I saw all OPDs closed (it was 3pm in the afternoon) and a grand old man who seemed to be a Doctor, mentioned that, “Son, all our babus are back home since everyone felt sleepy after a wonderful lunch, take the patient to the emergency ward, and be cautioned since the ward is full as we have only 1 Doctor and his 3 chellas”.  After knocking several doors in the same hospital we finally reached our destination. The most special scene apart from the anxiously waiting patients were the young trainees from Delhi’s Sakari Medical Colleges, who were doing their internships – and the most fascinating fact was their eagerness to learn how to ‘write the doctor’s prescription language‘, at times they themselves can’t understand what they have written. I believe this is one of the biggest draw-back of Make-In-India.

I am a noble man, who unfortunately visited a Government Institution. However when will these beings start being patriotic and be grateful to the Gandhi notes they receive. The wrong is right here and the right always wrong. When it comes to the hierarchy of citizenship, the Sarkari Babus are ranked first, wherein I can say they need to be the changemakers, however I feel sad that they are not creating the change they want to see in the world. 

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