Don’t Love your Neighbours flowers!!

My friend, a gardener,
Lost his heart in his neighbours garden,
Whose flowers, he loved than his,
Without their permission.
May be, it’s a mistake he is doing. . . . .
As his neighbour is selfish in this case……

The flowers, in his garden,
Who loved this gardener!
More than the manures & five elements,
Necessary for their existence,
Sacrificed the possessiveness,
With tears of happiness. . . . .

My friend, a gardener,
Googled all the time, for his neighbour’s flowers,
“About the best manures and preventive measures
Making his flowers orphan in a desert,
Which doesn’t even have a trace of Oasis!

The flowers, in his garden,
Who loved this gardener,
At last became manures for the up comers!
Where they kept the love for gardener,
Till the last bit of CO2 , which ran through their nerves!

One day, he found, there was an opening in their garden,
For the post of a gardener,
The grasses are not always green on the other side,
Sometimes, realizations demands incidences,
However, my friend didn’t!

n a queue of gardeners,
He was the first to post a CV,
However, he got rejected, in his interview,
As they don’t want a caretaker,
Who doesn’t take care his own assets first!

His nieghbour appointed a new gardener!
The caretaker, the very second day sold the land and left,
Again making my friend a orphan,
Without even having his own love as his cohorter,
Whom he mistakenly sacrificed for the sake of others!

Hey, thou!
Please make a space in your dictionary for the people ,
Who because of their innocence don’t know the meaning of profuse “love and helps”!
May God, help – guide – bless, those who love every,
Living and non-living,
Knowingly and un Knowingly!!
SRI Krishna !!
Dedicated to my friend Karti Bhai!!!!~~

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