Delhi got married to a Common Man.

History and astrology whitewashed. Our Delhi got a new life, under Arvind Kejriwal after being orphaned for 1 year.  Though things could have been better if the experienced and the one who knows the heart & vein of Delhi were on thrown. However he’s like the Anil Kapoor from Nayak, wherein we have bucket full of Amerish Puris here (though they’re not demons).

Whatever he scripted as a promise is what an average Delhite prays for [Electricity, Water, Women Safety etc (however not talking about Wifi, don’t know whether Delhi can become Estonia)]! If he successfully makes them as his KRA (not everyone does it) then, he will be a successful caretaker of the capital. Our capital needs a good leader with non leaky hands.

Indians love being in competition and being compared with each other, thus it’s good to have world’s best leaders leading the country and a state (which is it’s heart) simultaneously, competitively and differently.

I remember, Sir Douglas Leaf Racionzer mentioning “the people who confidently take risk in their life becomes successful” (During his visit to ISB, Hyderabad – Ashoka 2010, in a session on #ChangingPoints a sentence which changed my life even).

Let him experiment,  and let’s experience. Heartiest Congratulations to the second IITian who became a Chief Minister,  Sir Arvind Kejriwal.

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