Complaints and Comparisons – do U ?

These two words are not present in a developed country’s dictionary. A person who dreams well, works wholeheartedly not to bear fruits,  never uses these words, a Fortune 500 company never uses these words.

Then who,

The illiterate literates of an underdeveloped nation, though they were independent 50+ years ago. A person who’s well educated however doesn’t spends his time to imagine and implement what he learnt for self/organisational/nation’s development, When such people become a part of an organization, their ambience gets embedded with enormous amount of negativity killing all the positive hardwork.

Politicians in India mainly loose/win when they compare and critise on what others did, they are least bothered to see what’s their KRA.

Constitution should have bylaws against false complaints (defamation) and unwanted/demotivating comparisons, so the compliance standards hehe.

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