Geeta Teacher

Geeta Teache Dedicated to Geeta Rajiv Teacher who taught us physics in our 10 grade !! Its because of her only that we learnt Science,hehe ……preently she teaches at St. Gregorios School,Dwarka, New Delhi. ) In my planet, She’s the Goddess of Light, As she spreads the brightness, Among all the dark. Even it’s very […]


WHEN I MET THE UNEXPECTED IN Côte d’ Ivoire It was an Ivorian sunny evening, with white clouds smiling, But I saw them uniting to hear my heart silent whispering. I felt the same unexpected silence as before, Held Waidi’s* hand, as heart beats went beyond scores, Was it a climatic change that occurred? Or […]

BHARAT – My Friend

BHARAT – My Friend A Sunday Afternoon, I was having a sound sleep, After having Tekedars* infamous Rajmachaval**, Suddenly I got call from Hyderabad, And he was the “messenger of Affection”, And he was my Best Friend Bharat! Bharat, the unexpected gift, I received, To expect the unexpected is ma destiny, I listened to the […]

To Loose

If we loose a limb, We would be handicapped, But if it happens as if, the limb replaces a friend, Then we are nomads….. When I lost a friend, I cried without tears, In the graveyard without dead bodies, To cohort me, in this orphaned loneliness. When I lost a friend, I thought as if […]

To Be

I’d like to be the kind of friend That you’ve been to me I’d like to be the special help that You’ve been glad to be. I know I’m blessed for only God can make a friend like you you know just how to cheer me up whenever I feel blue. Could I but have […]

Separations–When I paved the light!!

Separations–When I paved the light!! Separations–The Opposite Walks, Is Always A Loath, For Us, Who Don’t Want to Wince! [[ In the late midnight, When moon was at its maximum, I regret that forgettable hours, Which drew the line of indifferences, Between the Needed! ]] [[ I’ve imprisoned the outspoken energy, Derived from greedy possessiveness, […]

For U :)

Hold my hand as lover or as friend & feel united for a while See yourself in the mirror of my eyes & tell me what it does to you Let our heart beats meet & feel what it does to me Let us walk like a tandem To get where it could be we

A birthday party of a begger

Birthday Parties are like rising sun, What about them, whose birthdays are unknown. Birthday parties doesn’t have any religion, What about them, who doesn’t have a religion. Birthday parties are often celebrated in big hotels, What about them, who lay on the verandah of hotels. Birthday parties have a countless no. of dishes, What about […]

3rd Light

Today, Under the influence of Western Trends, A fuddled situation has arised, To categorize our “friend for life”, As “him” or “her”, But as a true Indian, I can see “her” through my eyes……. A Friend for life Ya! She is the friend for life, Through whom I can see a wife, Among ma team […]