My Delhi – what’s going on with you? Whom should we trust to lead you ?

tattoo-design-female-name-destiny (20)

  Dear Delhi, I’m really not sure who is going to happen with you. When the Congress stepped out after a reign of 10+ years and a people’s party (Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP) came into thrown, we were moved with the charm in your eyes. Well, we also witnessed the high tides of development; I just […]

Fathers who father their own children!


1AM, My tea cup jerked after being hit by an unconscious-electric stimulus, Which triggered after reading the most demoniacal traits I’ve ever heard! It’s all about an aphrodisiac father, who was testing his daughter’s virginity, Wherein the most shocking fact is that, the girl was just 5 years old. Gosh! I felt like, I’m hit […]

My journey with SDC


June 3rd, 2007, me and my friend Anshuman Kaul, were walking down to railway station to have the famous “Station ki Chai”. Before starting our evening walk, we two went to our Hostel Mess, to watch the score of an India West Indies Match, meanwhile we saw an advertisement by Aamir Khan on Coca Cola, […]

Indian Culture at footpath


While at Bangalore.. Bhagavad Gita , is a religious text that is a book within Mahābhārata, located in the Bhishma-Parva chapters 23–40. A core sacred text of Hinduism and philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, often referred to as the Gita, is a summation of the Vedic, Yogic, Vedantic and Tantric philosophies. The Bhagavad Gita, meaning “song […]

Rohypnol – Hey Ladies beware of this demon!


Woman at a Gas nightclub (Mumbai) on Saturday night was taken by 5 men, Who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before Dumping her at Bandstand Mumbai.Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes along with traces of rohypnol in her blood. ————————————————————————— Rohypnol, date rape drug is an […]

When I became a Reason!

I became a reason for a reason, Since I knew only about the reason, This bridled situation needed a reason, To stop the confusions without reasons. This situation because of many unreasonable reasons, Choose me as a investigator for this reason, To identify the exact culprits and victims with reasons, to stop the expansion of this without reasons. I was astonished to […]

Don’t Love your Neighbours flowers!!

My friend, a gardener, Lost his heart in his neighbours garden, Whose flowers, he loved than his, Without their permission. May be, it’s a mistake he is doing. . . . . As his neighbour is selfish in this case…… The flowers, in his garden, Who loved this gardener! More than the manures & five elements, Necessary for their […]

Nomad in my eyes

Dedicated to ignited minds who become nomads due to present society’s thinking n thought process- which is just meant for harassing noble human beings. April 12th, time clocked 10sharp, After hearing the unexpected news, I stopped my cab on the lonely expressway, As my body scattered into crystals, As I realized that -I became a […]

The Journey to become patient for my Third LiGht!!

for the implementation of my imaginations!! Here, Guest started teaching the host the theory of positivity and responsibility, Where the host was happy with these new rays from an unexpected new planet, As it showered some good thoughts in a deserted island, Where the new seedlings grown as a result of these showerings, Gave the […]

An Unknown Virgin Attempt

An Unknown Virgin Attempt (For Salvation) ( it was a risk I took in my life, consequences was totally unexpected ) It all started as a move, To create a spy robot, Which resulted in a clue, After months, to make a virgin oath. In the prelims of the mission, As it’s an orphaned propagation, […]