Where there is a will there is definitely a way!

​”Both x & y axis can intersect with each other, it definitely depends on you. Even Optics has proved it that, two divergent rays can intersect under desirable conditions (Ray Diagrams- Rule#4 and #6, class 10th physics). I received a call from a tiny tot, named Alya (name changed) 2 months back who wants to […]

Stop blaming! It’s pitiful!

​BLAMING  the government is not the solution given that they’re ready to take a 28 year old to the team I’m ready to guard my motherland at the borders, as a tribute to my brothers who laid their life protecting us and who are keeping vigil on parasites crawling into our territory, and to my […]

8 year old rescued from Zombies

It was around 11.45pm, a usual time to dine for the ‘night owls’ if you are blessed to have friends in the cafeteria administration, I received a Facebook call from a lady based in Ghaziabad (she lives in a famous housing society based in Indrapuram), she seemed to be tensed, I sensed a nervousness in […]

Innocence & Me

Innocent & me – haha 😀 ——————————- Though I am getting baptized, In the school of bluntness, It’s still there somewhere, In my unconsciousness. I remember a quote from Mary Astor, “Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone”, However, what if I like to be a child, To cross the borders of ignorance, And […]

Complaints and Comparisons – do U ?

These two words are not present in a developed country’s dictionary. A person who dreams well, works wholeheartedly not to bear fruits,  never uses these words, a Fortune 500 company never uses these words. Then who, The illiterate literates of an underdeveloped nation, though they were independent 50+ years ago. A person who’s well educated […]