BHARAT – My Friend

BHARAT – My Friend

A Sunday Afternoon,
I was having a sound sleep,
After having Tekedars* infamous Rajmachaval**,
Suddenly I got call from Hyderabad,
And he was the “messenger of Affection”,
And he was my Best Friend Bharat!

Bharat, the unexpected gift, I received,
To expect the unexpected is ma destiny,
I listened to the tunes he sung and whatever he described,
Christened himself as a my best friend,
Who taught me to fight with smile in a big mutiny!

I can feel his hands on my shoulders even in his absence,
But feel like hanging on Clouds 9, in his presence.

In a huge constellation, he’s the exception,
Whose light travelled through me the first!

Thank you, Dr T P Sasikumar Sir,
For your help for creating such a great bondage!*Tekedar- The mess contractor of SKIET Kurukshetra

**Rajmachaval – One of the famous foods in India, mixture of Rice and Pulse known as Rajmaa.


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