An Unknown Virgin Attempt

An Unknown Virgin Attempt
(For Salvation)

( it was a risk I took in my life, consequences was totally unexpected )

It all started as a move,

To create a spy robot,

Which resulted in a clue,

After months, to make a virgin oath.

In the prelims of the mission,

As it’s an orphaned propagation,

Graphs showed linearity,

But towards end, irregularity,

As it’s time for modulation.

Again as a desert,

Who got an unexpected shower,

Just gaped the grey sky,

Questioned the empyrean,

Was it a hormonal discharge?

Or, a new beginning????

Provokers poured their chemicals,

To melten this hardened rock,

Even from the starting,

But all in vain!!

Unexpected mails entered my inbox,

Even in the very beginning,

But I never opened the spams,

As it could harm the sender,

Which I never wish to do!

Unknowingly, Even in the foreign theatres,

My dreams showed me, my target’s movies,

Where my theatres were known,

To show the future reality.

Then, this blind thought with means,

How did it all commence ?

What’s the exact glacier for it?

Scrimmage thoughts scrupled my souls!

Even though I’s recluse, for a span.

The Unanswered queries,

Made me tortuoued as a nomad.

But, alas! It happened!

As the earth completed one revolution,

I found this bird in my nest,

For a hibernation, in the late winter.

I saw my target’s eyes,

Shinning only for me.

As a good hunter,

I shook my consciousness,

For the present deeds,

Performed in unconsciousness.

But as it’s defined,

I asked this thought,

To be stabbed within the box,

Even not allowing me,

To open the tied threads,

Till the opportunity knocks my door!

My surroundings questioned,

This cruelty to cage my emotions,

My answer weren’t concreted,

I whispered silently,

The threads will loosen itself,

When the alarm bellsoff.

Stabbed decisions made the images,

Filtered with proper clarifications.

Circumstances atliered the workshops,

Kibitz cleared the paths,

Guest events made us alerts,

Disclosings made us magnetized!

Then, the unauthorized disclosing occurred,

A noble heart,

With childish creativity,

Thought of ending my nomadicity,

But I didn’t mind her,

As she was one of the imbuer.

As my target disliked,

A 3-manned mission,

I always detained the third party,

But, this time, I failed.

Making me in coma,

This new magic performed the tricks.

Thou! My Almighty,

Thanks for the support you have been with me ,

In the form of d’21st Century Incarnations,

As Amma , Acha, Vava, Gurunathan, Vinu& Friends.

In this scenario,

I bow my noble head,

With tears of happiness and respect,

Infront of “The Friend for Life” I found,

Whom I’m waiting for,

As a Lifetime Validity Offer,

Who can doff this offer,

By just throwing the SIM Off……….

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