8 year old rescued from Zombies

It was around 11.45pm, a usual time to dine for the ‘night owls’ if you are blessed to have friends in the cafeteria administration, I received a Facebook call from a lady based in Ghaziabad (she lives in a famous housing society based in Indrapuram), she seemed to be tensed, I sensed a nervousness in her breath, a young mother could have. She came to know about me through Facebook, and wanted to speak to me despite of the time and customs.

“There is a 8 year old girl in my neighbourhood, her father lives in Jaladhar and her mother expired when she was young. This girl works as a domestic help in an educated and highly respected lady’s home, wherein this educated lady’s husband is the employer of the girl’s father (please understand the cross connection)”, she narrated quickly.

In a nutshell both father and daughter are working as servants (to be more colloquial), despite of the age and legality.

“The little girl does all household chores, is beaten everyday by the educated lady, given food only once in a day, not allowed to go to washroom, at times her tender skin is burnt, and she’s warned that she shouldn’t touch base with her father, if done, the she’s alarmed of daring consequences”. Sick I must say!

I wad astonished to hear this brutality, huh people like them sti exists in this world? On the other hand, I was immensely happy for the lady (let’s call her Anita) who gave me a quick call to rescue this lady. Anita informed the RWA who called the police & a NGO (a pune registered one however doing stunts in Delhi). The police came and verified the situation, and promised to take an action the next morning.

This is when Anita called me through Facebook. Next morning I had a call with Anita and her RWA president (a retired Captain), I asked them to ring the Child welfare helpline, wherein they’re the authorized authorities to charge of such situations. CWC teammates rushed to the situation and took complete control over the kid and assured the safety of the kid till the kid’s dad arrived.

I still don’t know what happened to the lady and her husband.

If you see such immortalities, inform the concerned authorities from the government or the agencies formed by the government, rather than handing over them to social organisation, let’s save God’s children from the cannibalist. If not you no one will raise an alarm.

For who’s who, just Google everything’s there.

Thanks to Anita, Zucks, Larry, Eric, Mom, Dad, Vava and Lord Krishna to be the saviour.

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