Product of Riots

Yesterday unfortunately my eerie ears became a victim for a dialogue session again between few educated homo sapiens.

Well,  1 of them called our Prime Minister as “product of riots”, is it so ? I am afraid to write about it today morning since I would be called as a Political empathizer, however I am not, I respect the human being who’s in the chair of the Prime Minister not his party.

We call him the prime,  because he got something different, an extra born for patriotism, a love for the nation (which he gives to his mother), with a experienced credibility of being a chief executive officer of a state.

We stay in a country where we call a cricketer or a cricket captian as a ‘useless’ ( they’re called with other nouns though ), if he looses a match or scores less respectively.

We being the spectator never know how it feels when we put ourselves in their shoes, everyone commits a mistake, however if we encourage them for their positive deeds by timely appreciating them, also ‘then’ pointing their mistakes will make them learn from their mistakes and help them not to commit it again,  this is a simple strategy.

Riots happened when our Prime was just a Chief,  however the people who call him as a “Product of Riots”, never visited Gujarat, again are all states-ministers ‘products of riots’ ? Gujarat – My sisters are safe there – and well educated,  we have a very good drainage system, and zero unemployment – the main pillars for a states success, I aim success.

We very much need to learn how to articulate things.

I am voicing since I value my vote and citizenship. Differentiators can comment criticize object!

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