” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ”  – Colin Powell

I started blogging in 2007,  to run express my immature views, which I converted into a business blog run my young social entrepreneurship organization ‘asraya edunetz’, which became asraya and then asraya  cote d’ivore , haha which became customized to  ‘edunetz’ , which gave birth two lovely kids named ‘helping brainz’ and ‘s2J’.

For me blogging and social media engineering are the two the things without which I can’t live.

I started designing website , when a young web-designer from Andhra shook me with his charges to design a website, which I paid using the money I saved to buy a laptop. I’m thankful to him, since because of him I learnt HTML, PHP , WordPress and Web Designing [huh, I took it as a revenge when he challenged me :-)].

Geeta Rajiv Teacher , my Physics Teacher once mentioned that , mind travels faster than light, it can reach anywhere anytime.

Well, I’m restless, bit impatient, I travel impatiently to many places, so I blog wherever I go. :-)